If you are, or know somebody who is (or shortly will be) dealing with an elderly parent in a down-size situation from their long-time home to an assisted living facility , etc., or a doctor ordered 'cannot live in the house anymore', such as a fall & broken hip, I can help. I have experience dealing with out-of-state adult children who have a parent living in Minnesota and the surrounding 7 county area of the Twin Cities, who need assistance with cleaning the home out, saving selected pieces to be relocated to the new location, arrange for those items to be moved (and even put into place at the new location), doing a deep-clean of the home prior to it going on the market & arranging for staging the home as well. Detailing a home (Deep cleaning, clearing out the refrigerator, cabinets, removing carpeting, if needed, painting, donating items, etc.) is totally different from Staging a home. Detailing rates for my services are $35/hour. Trip charges for us hauling away items may apply and hourly rates vary for assistants ($15 - $25/hr). If the Junk Man needs to be called, to haul away larger pieces/quantities, their rates will apply. If you have an up-coming senior move/downsize project, you can work with me directly or put me in contact with your realtor/agent. Email me at: with any questions.