Tax Deductible Home Staging

Tax deductible home staging is a facet of the property staging industry which is very appealing to sellers. Many homeowners do not realize that US tax laws allow home staging costs to be written off federal taxes as part of real estate advertising costs when the home is sold. This allowance can facilitate enjoying the many benefits of home staging without any real risk, since the price of the service can be fully recouped when the house or apartment is sold.

Furthermore, since staging is essentially a no-risk investment, sellers feel much better about spending a little extra in order to really make their homes stand out from the crowd. This effort, in turn, brings in higher offers and leads to a larger profit on the sale.
This essay provides some background to the tax benefits offered by home staging.

Is Home Staging a Tax Deduction?

Home staging, as I have mentioned before, is not decorating. Decorating is not tax deductible. Home staging is actually real estate marketing, and as such, is tax deductible for virtually all property owners.

Home stagers fees, including furniture rental, art rental and other specifically incurred costs, are fully allowable as legal advertising deductions. However, any renovation work or redecorating that is not part of the staging plan is not tax deductible at all.
Therefore, it is wise to keep your aesthetic alterations in line with your stager’s recommendations and only splurge on full scale remodeling if there is no other choice. This way, you get the most benefit for your financial expenditure.

Tax Deductible Home Staging Considerations

It is always a good idea to talk to your accountant or tax specialist to fully understand what can and cannot be used as a legal deduction on your taxes. Do not assume that you know, or even take your stager’s word for it, without getting qualified legal advice from a tax specialist.

That being said, the vast majority of staging clients are able to fully recoup their investment on home staging services and simply enjoy the added profit that their stagers have provided to them.

All in all, there are few investments which feature so little risk and so much room for potential reward in life and none even come close in the real estate industry. This is why home staging is a natural fit for any savvy seller.